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Stories of Love and Human Frailty

Local writer Ron Owen has donated copies of his new book, Stories of Love and Human Frailty, to Theatre Royal Winchester. They are available from the Box Office for a suggested donation of £5 – 10 and all proceeds go to Live Theatre Winchester Trust – the charity that runs Hat Fair and Theatre Royal Winchester. Ron hopes it will inspire readers to reflect upon what makes humans tick.

Stories of Love and Human Frailty – by the writer who has lived in Winchester with his wife, Colleen, for 40 years – is a collection of short stories about love of all kinds – paternal, lustful, forbidden; and human frailty – a failure to keep promises, keep passion under control, put duty before indulgence.

Ron’s characters are based on people he has met, like the young teenage girl he confronted on holiday in Rome, after she stole his wallet. They find themselves in situations he has either experienced or developed for them, in places he has been to, including America and Italy.

His favourite story in the book is about a rich restauranteur that pays for a local painter’s daughter to continue her studies. He enjoyed writing about Malaga, in Spain, which he visited around two decades ago.

Ron, who started writing around the same time he moved to Winchester, has produced poems and a short play about two British and German soldiers who bond during half-time of the 1914 Christmas Day truce football match.

Ron said: “All the stories in the book have a bit of me in them and were triggered by people or situations in my life. When you’ve been around as long as I have, you don’t have to invent.

“I hope it provides a compelling read for people whose main interest is human nature and what makes us tick.”

Copies of Stories of Love and Human Frailty are available from Theatre Royal Winchester’s Box Office.