Here’s the Win Guide to some of our favourite pubs in Winchester (in no particular order):

BlackboypubThe Black Boy
1 Wharf Hill, Winchester SO23 9NQ



Green Man PubThe Green Man
53 Southgate St, Winchester SO23 9EH



muckyduckThe Mucky Duck
84 Hyde St, Winchester SO23 7DW



The Old VineThe Old Vine
8 Great Minster St, Winchester SO23 9HA



thequeeninnThe Queen Inn
28 Kingsgate Rd, Winchester SO23 9PG



The Wykeham ArmsThe Wykeham Arms
75 Kingsgate St, Winchester SO23 9PE



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Cabinet Meeting

Cabinet Meetings
Cabinet Meetings

Posted 28th August 2015 An Historic Day for Winchester’s First Cabinet Meeting by Gary Whiter

At approximately 17:30 on Wednesday 9 September, Queen Elizabeth II will officially become the longest reigning monarch in British history. To mark this historic day, Winchester food and drink bloggers, Cabinet Rooms, will be hosting a very special wine tasting evening in collaboration with leading English winemaker, NyetimberRead More


Why Wine in Winchester? 

The Black Bottle
The Black Bottle

Posted: 19th June 2014 George Sallis hunts for wine, meets David Nicholson and they discuss why it’s so important to do what you love…

Father’s day in Winchester; having unsuccessfully spent all morning and the better part of the afternoon attempting to convince my 3 year old daughter of the virtues and magnitude of this momentous occasion, I eventually threw in the towel, devoured a large roast and took solace in a light bottle of Fleurie that seemed to evaporate extremely quickly. Read more

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