Dining in Winchester.

Win Guide to Dining in Winchester – here are some of our favourite places to go for lunch or dinner.

Black Rat restaurantThe Black Rat
88 Chesil St, Winchester SO23 0HX



Chesil RectoryChesil Rectory
1 Chesil St, Winchester SO23 0HU



ricksteinRick Stein
7 High St, Winchester SO23 9JX



Brasserie BlancBrasserie Blanc
19-20 Jewry St, Winchester SO23 8RZ



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It’s lunchtime.  Why don’t we pop down to Winchester?

Chesil Rectory
Chesil Rectory

Posted: 9th August 2014 Chuck Anderson visits the Chesil Rectory in Winchester.

The newspapers tell us that Rebekah Brooks and hubby Charlie are fond of flying to Venice for lunch at Harry’s Bar on the Grand Canal before flitting back to Chipping Norton for supper. Or used to, when she had a job. Many lesser mortals take the day trip Eurostar tour to Paris for lunch in the Eiffel Tower. So why not train down from London to Winchester to lunch at what the newspapers (The Times) tell us is the third most romantic restaurant in Britain? (How do they measure that – does the Most Romantic Restaurant wheel out a four-poster bed with the pudding wine?) Read more

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