Review of Peter Pan by Sophia, aged 6

Sophia went to see Peter Pan with her primary school. Here is her review of this year’s Theatre Royal Winchester pantomime:

I went to the Theatre Royal and the show was called Peter Pan.  It was so fun!

So there were some characters and one of them was called Tiger-Lily.  I liked her because she was good and she had a costume that looked like a tiger.  There was a really amazing song that I really liked and it had the word ooh-ahh in it.

There was Tinker Bell and it was actually amazing because she really looked like a fairy, she was small and green and she glowed.  There was someone who was Peter Pan and it looked like he was flying.  There was a crocodile and it went on its feet and the feet were sideways.  It looked really good!

There was someone called Wendy and she had brown hair like me and she went to Netherland with Peter Pan.  Captain Hook had a golden bit in the middle and it was shiny.  He was funny and he had a beard.  And there was a disco ball.

At the end we sang a song and it was a really funny Pirate song.  If I could have been in the pantomime I would have been the ballerina.

Sophia and her class had a brilliant time at Peter Pan.  Don’t miss out! To book tickets, visit the Theatre Royal Winchester website here.

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